Edged Arts are now stocking a range of quality American made gardening tools. Manufactured by the Rogue Hoe Company from recycled farm discs (Top quality high grade steel) these tools will last a lifetime. Both the full length versions and the hand tools feature quality American ash handles which are light to use yet extremely durable. If your a hobby gardener, Market gardener or smallholder Rogue Tools will not let you down. 

Rogue Hoes is a family owned business located in the Missouri Ozarks, in the heart of the USA. Each Rogue hoe is hand crafted and quality is our most distinguishing characteristic. The heads of the hoes are particularly interesting as they are made from recycled agricultural disc blades using a high grade tempered steel, well suited for there strength and holding an edge.

Thousands of the Rogue Hoes are used by cotton growers, sugar beet and grape producers throughout the Canada and the United States.  Rogue hoes are used on some commercial vegetable farms as well as college research farms and backyard gardens.

We invite you to experience the pleasure of using these quality tools by viewing the range of Rogue Hoes and Gardening Tools today. 

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