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Book - Living Karate - OXM07



Living Karate - The Way to Self-Mastery.

We are proud to introduce the new book by Masayuki Shimabukuro, Shihan: Katsu Jin Ken:

Shimabukuro Sensei imparts the true understanding of Karate-Do training in this amazing new book. Over 500 pages of Martial Arts Wisdom and Insight explained in a definitive guide that took over 10 years to write. As a direct disciple of Teruo Hayashi and Kenzo Mabuni, two of the greatest Karate masters of Shito Ryu, Shimabukuro Senseis qualifications are unsurpassed and his deep understanding of traditional Japanese Karate-Do is unparalleled. In this book, Shimabukuro explains it all.

History, Philosophy, Technique, and Spiritual Training.

This is a must-have book for any Martial Artist, regardless of style or affiliation.

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Book - Living Karate - OXM07

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