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Wood Burning Camp Stove - Camping, Buscraft, Re-enactment - OB3965



Wood burning Camp Stove.

Our stove replicates a museum piece from the American War of Independence. Stoves of this type were in use by colonists and natives before the revolution and were still in use during the American Civil War. Ideal for 18th and 19th Century re-enactors or bushcrafters with a leaning towards the colonial, mountain man or trapper persona.

Fabricated from steel plate and bars. Fixed legs and pan rests. Hinged carrying handle and grill plate. Removable ash pan. Perforated sides to aid air flow.

Stove height is 26 cm including legs and pan rests (not including handle). Stove fire box is 21 cm square.

These are handmade items and dimensions may vary slightly from piece to piece.

Note: These stoves are painted with black paint to limit corrosion during storage. The black paint should be burned off before placing food items directly on the grill bars. This can be achieved by burning wood in the stove for approximately one hour.

The stove will get very hot during use. The carrying handle may also become hot through heat conduction. Allow sufficient time for the stove to fully cool before attempting to touch or move it.

Before lighting a camp fire you must obtain the landowners permission and if conditions are particularly hot and dry consider whether it is appropriate to light a fire. It is recommended that you learn how to safely light and maintain a camp fire from a suitably experienced individual. Think safety at all times.

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SKU OB3965
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Size Height: 26 cm Fire Box: 21 cm square

Wood Burning Camp Stove - Camping, Buscraft, Re-enactment - OB3965